Frequently asked questions

Lullaby Bay Baby Monitor Model LB603

Why does nothing happen when I switch on my Lullaby Bay baby monitor camera?

Count to 10 after switching on– the light doesn’t come on immediately. Have a look at the Quick Start Guide on our YouTube channel - the link is above.

Why does the screen go blank?

Have you got the VOX function selected? This switches off the screen (and sound) to save energy and restarts it when sound is detected. You can switch it on/off with the VOX key (top right) and change the sensitivity in the menu.

Why is the same lullaby is playing on repeat?

On start-up if you press the music key once all the songs will automatically loop, but if during the music playing, you press the button again to stop/start the music, it defaults to a single loop cycle. If you want to restore it to "all songs" playback, turn off both monitor and camera, then turn back on and press the Music Key ONLY once - it will revert to playing all 8 lullabies.

How do I use the talk-back function?

Wait a second after pressing the PTT button until the blue microphone icon appears on the screen before speaking. Remember to release the button again in order to listen. It's a bit like using a walkie-talkie radio.

Why won't my monitor connect to the camera even when they are next to each other?

The two units can occasionally lose their link, try pairing the units again. Watch our YouTube video (link to our YouTube channel is at the top of the page) or read section 5 ‘camera registration’ in the instruction manual.

Why won't my camera won't work without being plugged in?

It is only the parent unit that can work on battery (once charged). The camera needs mains power at all times.

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