Hi! ​My Name is Sophie Andersen and I am very proud to handcraft my entire jewelry collection in Vienna, Austria. Every single piece is handmade and all components are made in Europe.


My vision is to create young, fun and exciting pieces in good quality. I also put a lot of effort into packaging and branding. I really want to provide an excellent service and an amazing product. My goal is to build a business with the best outcome & message possible. I love my customers and want my customers to love Sandersen back - Happiness is key.


My story begins at the age of 18 –  fashion, creativity and photography are my passion. After studying journalism in Munich I began working as a stylist full-time. Five hard fashion industry years later I discovered jewelry - making it, designing it, creating.


I cannot describe the freedom I felt the first couple of days – now putting a smile on a customers face is without doubt one of the best feelings in the world. Thank you at this point to all my beautiful customers out there; You make this journey something special.


I cannot wait for more to come and watch my brand evolve and grow.

If you have any questions, press-inquires or want to cooperate please write me to office@sandersen.com.

All the best,

Sophie Andersen




I love bohemian and oriental influences. The terms high-quality and boho-chic define my jewelry pretty well. To me, this style symbolizes fun and joy and allows experimental freedom.


Bodychains, Handchains and Choker are very interesting pieces. They complete an outfit with a special something. Bodychains for example can be worn in the back, long necklaces can become two short ones. Handchains are beautiful festival accessories as well as an extravagant eyecatcher at a party. This sort of jewelry freedom is beautiful und fulfilling to me.


Quality is very important to me. My chains are 18 karat gold, rose-gold or rhodium plated using an innovative technique called galvanization. This process guaranties exceptional metal protection and prevents discoloration.


The chains are nickel free and the crystals are certified Swarovski® crystals from Wattens in Austria. All jewelry components are sourced from Germany.