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My Name is Sophie and my family has been in the jewelry business for over 55 years. We live and love beautiful jewelry! Sandersen chains are made from only the best materials. They are allergy and nickel free - sun, lotion nor water won't do them any harm. I am very proud to handcraft everything in high quality from Vienna, Austria. 

My goal is to create gorgeous, elegant and edgy pieces that will last a long time. Carefully selected Swarovski® stones will additionally make you shine and smile. 

If you have any questions send me a mail to office@sandersen.com - I'd love to help with anything!

Visit FacebookInstagram or my Blog for insights. Also stay up to date and subscribe to my newsletter for new designs, exclusive discounts and behind the scenes.

Take care, 

Xx Sophie Andersen

PS: Sandersen is a green label. I only use recycled packaging and donate to an animal charity called 'Albert Schweitzer Stiftung'. Environment is important - let's make the world a better place one piece at the time. Thank you ♡

PSS: Gift Cards are available online !