Crown Medaillon - Medium

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Coin Necklaces! Beautiful pieces to add to your jewelry collection! We are in love with the Medaillon Looks, create your own Set - we offer Symbols, Initials and Numbers! Please write us an email if you have any questions or requests. 


  • available in gold, rosegold and rhodium (silver)

  • handmade and high-quality

  • + adjustable by 5cm

  • comes in a cute little bag for you or ready for gifting

  • 100% nickel free

  • made in Vienna, Austria



  • erhältlich in Gold, Roségold oder Rhodium (Silber)

  • hochwertig und handgemacht

  • + 5cm Verlängerung

  • wird in schwarzem Sandersen-Etui verschickt

  • 100% nickel frei